NO FEAR Esports.

I. Esport.

Electronic sport is the latest evolution of video games. Derived from the network game on PC, Esport appeared in the West at the end of the 90s. The repeated meetings of players gave rise to rivalries between participants and the creation of the first teams.

Reference tournaments have logically emerged. These competitions take place either on the internet or during Lan (Local Arena Network, understand local network between several machines from 2 to thousands). These games bring together tens of thousands of people on the internet every night and an estimated 2,7 billion players. International competitions have become popular.

The most played games in Esport are Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Fortnite, Call of Duty, League of Legends and Fifa 20. Even if previously games such as Starcraft, Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 were the heyday of competitions professional. Most players are between 16 and 30 years old. In France alone, there are nearly 1 practicing people and more than 000 players on Reunion Island regularly play electronic sport.

II. The NO FEAR team and the team's project.

The No Fear team is a multi-gaming associative team under the 1901 law, that is to say it is made up of several sections all evolving on different games, which is the strength of the team and which stabilizes even more. We are currently made up of three very good level sections, a very talented group on: CounterStrike Global Offensive, Fortnite and Call Of Duty: MW.
We also have a discussion platform (Discord) where we are more than 300 very active members, which increase the team's notoriety in the world of video games.

1) Our first objective is to take pleasure in evolving all together as well as to continue on the Reunion, French scene.

2) We hope to be known and recognized as a team of great fair play and a good level where a good atmosphere reigns. We then want to create mixed teams in order to show that in Reunion, there are not only players in Esport, there are in particular players who do not dare to show themselves: in our workforce we we have players who touch all games, such as Fortnite, CS: GO and many others.

3) We also have for objective to integrate, for all the sections, the first places of the local rankings! Our main objective is to be the best structure in the maximum discipline possible and to be able to be present at major local events such as Run esport.

4) Finally, the main goal of the team is to become the reference structure in Reunion Island in multi-gaming, with the greatest possible stability and containing the best Reunion players. All this has for final objective that we are recognized on national soil but
also in the international sphere of e-sport, and that's why we need you!

5) Organize tournaments online at first and then in LAN so that Reunionese players can meet and share this passion during these competitions.

II. Staff of the No Fear structure

Loïc DUCHEMANN: President and manager of NOFEAR in its entirety.
Remy DUCHEMANN: Co-President, sponsoring and partnership manager of NOFEAR
Aurore Boyer: Secretary of NOFEAR
Annabelle Latchimy: Treasurer of NOFEAR
Benjamin Duchemann: Deputy Treasurer of NOFEAR


  1. What a partnership with our team can bring to your
    Business ?

Many network players are above all passionate about computers and video games, always listening to new things. The average age of competitions is around 14/30 years old, so current and future consumers are eager to discover new products and other services.

Network gaming is undeniably a sector of the future, thanks to the development of the Internet and technological advancement in video games. All good games now have a multiplayer part. Positioning yourself in this sector is a guarantee for a company like yours to associate your image with a booming sector of the future, to show your desire to move forward.

What is better than a gamer to determine if a product or service is fit for heavy use?

2) What can our team do for your business?

Advertising support: Through our social networks, this same support will soon be improved with a website that can accommodate 200 to 300 daily visits.

Recommendations: Due to the credibility of the team vis-à-vis many players, we can recommend a material or a brand on our live and our networks.

Photos & interview: During the tournaments in which we will participate, we intend to ensure that our team is mentioned during these events. So we will mention your partnership and your support in all Interviews.

An overview of our Esport jersey designed by our partner LMN8:


We adhere to the values ​​of sport which carry excellence, as well as
individual and collective surpassing. We want to be able to play in a healthy atmosphere, without hatred or contempt, without neglecting the competitive aspects of the game.

We offer members a gaming experience that will extend to a level other than that of the game itself. Whether it is during Lan competitions or during associative events, the human aspect of the project is always put forward.

The world of video games is considered a virtual universe, the performance of players and the investment of supervisors are, for their part, very real.

We are fortunate to be the generation that sees eSports come out of the shadows.

“Hoping to hear from you soon, the whole team thanks you for the attention paid to our presentation. »

- Loïc Duchemann, President of the association.

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