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    Coronavirus information?

    Please find the information here.

    What will happen after my payment is made?

    Once your payment has been made, we will process and ship your order within 1 to 5 working days maximum if it contains only available items.
    If your order contains pre-order items, it will be shipped when all items are available only.
    Please see the conditions of payment and delivery .

    Is there a parcel tracking number?

    You will receive your tracking number via automatic email from our website once your order has been shipped.
    You can track your package on any online tracking website or via your local post.
    Please see the conditions of payment and delivery .

    My package is late?

    The delivery times we give you come from the post office and are indicative only. They do not take into account any delays of the latter or of third-party services involved in the delivery of your package.
    However, there is nothing serious about this, delays can happen. If a problem were to appear concerning your package, we are the first to be notified and all the necessary canvassing is done within the allotted time. You will also be notified. (If your package is late and we have not contacted you, it means that there is no problem with it).
    However, we also advise you to buy the insurance option at checkout (it varies from 1 to 3 euros on average depending on the total of your items and compensates you at 100% in the event of loss of your package by the postal services.

    How much are the delivery costs?

    Shipping costs are free at
    Please see the conditions of payment and delivery .

    What are the delivery terms ?

    Free delivery in e-packet and small packet is around 10 days.
    Other delivery methods will be available soon.
    Please see the conditions of payment and delivery .

    What payment methods are accepted?

    You can pay by Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Balance from your Paypal account.
    Please see the conditions of payment and delivery for more information on these different payment methods.

    Important information on pre-orders:

    If your order contains available items and pre-order items, your entire order will be shipped only when all items in it are available.

    Is paying online on your site secure?

    Absolutely, you can pay on our website safely and your data is protected.
    Please see the terms of Privacy for more information

    Will I receive an invoice?

    An order confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.
    The proof of payment received by e-mail from Paypal or the payment method used is your invoice.