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Learn more about NamekToys:
  • Looking for a Manga Figurine or Model?

NamekToys guarantees that you will receive an original licensed product!

We are a shop that specializes in figurines, models, and other various manga products. We offer products from famous brands such as: Bandai, Jump, Ichiban Kuji, Banpresto, MegaHouse, Sega, and many others.

  • We can bring our favorite anime or manga to life with our collections.

Owning a manga figurine or model from an anime we grew up watching can bring forth a powerful sense of nostalgia, and a wave of fond memories. Whether you discovered your favorite anime and/or manga in the 80s or much later on, those feelings remain the same. NamekToys caters to fans and collectors of all ages, and from all walks of life.

  • So, you already have a room dedicated to the geek, otaku, and Japanimation universe?

Figurines and models can also be used to decorate your anime and/or manga shrine. Use them to accentuate your collection of manga, posters, or video games. Showcase your passion for your hobby by filling a beautiful display case with your favorite figurines and/or models.

  • Are you new to the hobby or is your collector level over 9000? Do you have a small budget or is money no object?

NamekToys has got you covered! We have around 1500 listed products, including over 1000 that are kept continuously in stock. We offer one of the largest selections on the market and strive to maintain the most competitive prices. (For example, you can pre-order one of our prized figurines for just €27,49 , including postage! It’s a deal that’s hard to beat). NamekToys is here to meet your budget, and figurine or model needs.

Whatever your budget and your desire is, you will find the figurine of your choice at NamekToys.

  • A collector, a passion, and a profession

NamekToys is the brainchild of Gregory, a French collector who has lived in Japan and other Asian countries since 2014. Many of you may know him through regular conversations on social networks, where you can reach out whenever needed.

NamekToys therefore came into existence in 2014, first via social networks, and then via our website.  

Being that we who make up the NamekToys team are collectors ourselves, we know the requirements and quality of service you desire. For this reason, you are therefore guaranteed to have your order processed with the utmost level of professionalism. Whether it be in terms of customer communications, the careful preparation of your package, or our after-sales service.

  • NamekToys: a shared passion, and an amazing collection at your service!

We often run promotional offers, please check our discounted items.

Do you have any questions or concerns? You can consult our FAQ and contact us with this online form.

You can also find us on social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Drop us a like, subscribe, and follow us for the latest news. You’ll never miss another new release or pre-order!

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